How it all started

It all started almost five years ago, when my husband (Ugurcan) and I started dating. Summer 2016 he asked me to marry him and October 2016 we got engaged. During these five years we talked a lot about where to live. Some circumstances forced us to plan our future in Istanbul, so we bought a little apartment in January 2017 on the European side.

I already knew I wanted an apartment which I could renovate from the start. So we bought an awfully decorated apartment in an existing complex in a nice and green neighbourhood. That’s how it all started. We agreed with a contractor and he started to completely break down the inside of our future home.

Being raised and living in Holland makes it hard to deal with some culture differences. I am used to scheduling appointments and being on time. Well, this doesn’t count for Turkey.  An appointment at nine usually means they show up at eleven. Or even worse, they don’t show up. It’s so difficult to explain the things I want from a distance. The whole renovation took way longer than expected because of these circumstances. I will explain them all part by part in my next blogs. For now I will share some photographs of the beginning.

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