New York, New York

Since the engagement we talked a lot about our honeymoon destination. We had so many options of beach resorts with spa’s and a lot of food.

Both of us weren’t happy about the choices we had. We usually don’t hang out at the hotels we’re staying, but cruising around from beachclub to coffee spot to restaurant. Staying on a resort where we’re forced to hang out all day and where we can eat all day is not quite our favourite thing to do.

Why not New York I said and Ugurcan immediately agreed. We booked our ticket and we started planning. I never been there before, but my friends went to NYC several times and they gave me a lot of usefull tips. I will not waste your time with touristic highlights. You can find them all over the internet, but I will share all the other hotspots we visited.


For me the most important meal. We’ve chosen for Sarabeth’s Central Park South, Two Hands Restaurant and The Standard Grill. I can recommend all of them (especially for avocado toast with poached eggs), but you should consider for yourself if the prices of Sarabeth’s are worth just a simple breakfast.


Left: Two Hands Restaurant and Bar | Right: The Standard Grill


We went to Izakaya Mew, Dudley’s, Rosa Mexicano, Patzeria Family & Friends and TGI Fridays. Dudley’s is a typical American restaurant / cafe. No tourists, a young public and crowded! Izakaya Mew; we had to wait for an hour, but the sushi was worth it. You can’t have a private diner and conversation at Izakaya, there’s a lot of noise. Rosa Mexicano is one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve ever been. Try it! TGI Fridays is a typical American fastfood chain with large burgers. I haven’t eaten there, but my husband liked it 🙂 Patzeria Family & Friends is an Italian Restaurant where you can create your own pizza by choosing the toppings and the number of slices. It tasted great!


Bluestone Lane Coffee! Our favourite! If you love coffee, you need to go there! You can find them all over NYC. I loved the one close to Central Park and close to Brooklyn Bridge. The perfect rest stop.

bluestone coffee2

Bluestone Lane Coffee


We went to Maman, Jack’s Wife Freda, by Chloe and The Butchers Daughter. Maman is my favourite. A little concept store where you can have lunch or coffee. The decoration is so cute and they have a little garden at the back. It’s situated in Soho.

We also tried Taco Bell, because we heard a lot of good things about it. But it was a disaster. The look of the meat was so bad, we just couldn’t dare to take a bite and went out again. Another chain we tried is Auntie Ann’s Pretzels. This was the opposite of Taco Bell. It tasted so good! Definitely worth a try (or more).

My sources to plan my trips, breakfast, lunch and diner are Tripadvisor, Foursquare and Instagram. That’s it for now. I hope this will help you planning your trip to NYC.


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