Project: Bathroom

One of the most difficult rooms to decorate was our bathroom. We had two bathrooms when we bought the apartment. A really small one, right next to the front door, with only a toilet, space for the washing machine and a sink. It was dirty, old and dark. I hated it at first sight.

We decided to cancel this small bathroom and make a little wardrobe / laundry room of it. We made shelves from the top down for our shoes. We hang up hooks for our coats. We placed the washing machine on the same place, cancelled the toilet and replaced all the broken tiles.It’s also a place where we can store our vacuum cleaner, ironing plank and other large stuff. It’s so easy to have a seperate laundry room. It’s behind a closed door, you can’t hear the noise of the washing machine and we don’t have any mess at home, because we throw our laundry immediately in this room. I don’t have any “after” pictures, but I will post them as soon as I take pictures.

The second bathroom had a shower cabin, another toilet and a sink. Just like the small one, this bathroom was also old, the tiles were broken and the smell was awful. This supposed to be the big bathroom, but it looked so small. When you open up the bathroom door, the first thing you see is the toilet, which for me is an unpleasant sight. On the right there was a large shower cabin and on the left a sink. We had so little space to walk and turn around.

The first thing we did was moving the toilet to the right. We broke down the whole bathroom and I insisted on a wall between the future walk in shower and the toilet. This was my first regret; building a wall in a small bathroom is not a good idea. It will only make the bathroom look smaller. So we threw out the wall and decided for walls of glass for the walk in shower.

I was inspired by Alaçati, scandinavian interiors, Gravity Home and Instagram for the decoration of the bathroom. I knew I wanted an old fashioned bathroom, just like the ones I have seen in boutique hotels. I made a sketch of the bathroom cabinets I wanted and added the measures to it. I found someone who makes furniture from wood and he agreed to make my bathroom cabinets. I ordered all the accessories and the sink online. The tiles on the floor are from Ege Seramik. I saw them on a girl I’m following and figured that it would look nice on my bathroom and balcony floor.

The bathroom turned out just like I imagined it would look like. The lightning is soft and warm. It’s a place where I feel home and comfortable. I get happy everytime I walk in to the bathroom. In the meanwhile the walls of glass for the walk in shower arrived and got placed. I will make pictures as soon as possible. See the results for yourself!


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