All-time favorite hotspots in Istanbul – Part I

I have been very busy with all the preparings before moving to Istanbul and couldn’t find any time to keep my blog up to date. But I finally have a date; 25th of December will be the day I’m leaving everything behind in the Netherlands and start a new chapter in Istanbul. I will not bore you with details about my movement, but instead I will share some of my favorite hotspots in Istanbul.

For the last five years I have visited Istanbul quite often. Everytime in Istanbul I like to discover new places, new food and new districts. But there are a few districts and spots I keep coming back and I would like to share some of these places with you. I have two favorite neighbourhoods in Istanbul; Karaköy and Teşvikiye. You can find most of my favorite cafés in these neighbourhoods, but I also tried to name some other spots in other districts. If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know I’m a coffee lover. So don’t be surprised that my favorite spots have a lot to do with good coffee 🙂

MOC Istanbul

MOC Istanbul is an animal friendly third wave coffee spot in Teşvikiye. I can sure say it serves the best coffee I have ever tasted in Istanbul. The coffee spot in Teşvikiye was their first coffee spot, but they recently opened new locations in Bomonti, Topağacı, Yeşilköy and Aqua Florya. MOC Istanbul is a place where you easily can spend all day, working, reading and watching the baristas making coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed, a lot of daily visitors with their dogs who are living in the neighbourhood. They also have a collection of books and you’re free to read them while drinking your coffee.

The House Café Corner

I don’t think I have to explain a lot about this place. The House Café is practically a synonym for Teşvikiye. You can’t think of Teşvikiye without The House Café. Opened in 2002, it’s always crowded, dog friendly, the food is great and so are the drinks. Don’t expect the perfect coffee, but it’s fine. After all, it’s not a coffee spot but a restaurant. The menu is changing as the seasons are changing. I can recommend the quinoa salad and the avocado bruschetta.


Sweet place at Karaköy. I love the decoration and the colors of this place. It looks really small on the outside but it has several floors. If you can’t find any place at the ground floor, take a look at the other floors and enjoy the swing. Don’t forget to try the red velvet cake! It’s not as good as the one from De Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam, but so far it’s the best red velvet I have ever eaten in Istanbul. It’s not just a place where you eat and drink, it’s more of a concept store. You can buy mugs, magazines, cook ware, pencils, books and they also have a library.

Soho House

Soho House is normally a private club / hotel for members, but the one in Istanbul is, lucky for us, open for public. Walking distance from Istiklal Caddesi, it’s the best place to escape the crowd and the noise from the street. The garden is such a quiet place to enjoy some drinks. The inside and outside of this hotel is decorated tasteful. The brownie is heaven by the way 🙂

Mangerie Bebek

It’s one of the few places I really love around Bebek. The other cafes and restaurants are way too kitschy for my taste. Mangerie Bebek is more of a living room and I keep coming back here. It’s situated at the top floor of a building, just across the Bosporus. The view is amazing. Unfortunately, there is always a line! I can’t remember a day I could sit down without waiting. But don’t let the line scare you, it’s worth it. The menu is innovative, the coffee is not that good, but the cakes and the view are perfect.

Federal Coffee

Talking about good coffee; you can get this at Federal Coffee in the Galata district. Federal coffee is an Australian Coffee Roaster with multiple locations. It is decorated warm and industrial, there’s a big leather sofa and a fireplace! A dog friendly coffee place where they offer a lot of choices on the coffee-, lunch- and cake menu.


So far the first part of my favorite spots in Istanbul. To be continued in a next blog.

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