My first month in Istanbul

It’s been over a month since I started living in Istanbul and a lot of things has happened so far. Even though I’m still not used to living in Istanbul, it feels like I’m here for years and that’s kind of a strange feeling.

The day of the movement was the hardest day of my life. I was prepared for this, knewing it wasn’t going to be easy. Istanbul is a nice place for a few days or even for a few weeks. It’s a big metropole, a lot of things to do, always crowded and alive, you can do great shopping here, plenty of good restaurants and most of the time great weather. You won’t get bored easily. However, for someone born and raised in the Netherlands moving to Istanbul is a huge step and a big difference. Living in Holland is so peaceful compared to living in Istanbul.

In my first week I broke my nose due to a lack of workers behavior. The building got isolated and the worker hit one of my kitchen cabinets from the back. It started to move and fell on my face. The left side of my nose broke into pieces and I was taken to the hospital. The next day I had my surgery and my nose got plastered for a week. I was already emotional for leaving Holland and the thing with my nose got me even more sad. I was crying the whole time and it felt like I would never get used to living in Istanbul.

All credits to my husband Uğurcan, who was so caring and understanding the whole time. Doing all he can to make me feel like home and to help me through this difficult period.

I already knew the neighbourhood and I got used to it really quick. We’re living in a small complex in Esenkent, but small has another definition here in Istanbul. The complex has a lot of trees and green, which is common in our neighbourhood. Right across my house there’s a little mall with two supermarkets, a bakery, pharmacy, a hair dresser, a grocery, some restaurants and a few more necessary things. There’s a big street (ana cadde) with a bus stop in front of our apartment. The hospital is in a walking distance of 5 minutes and in a walking distance of 10 minutes we have Akbatı shopping mall, which is my favourite place in the neighbourhood. Akbatı offers everything I can possibly need on a daily base. There are some great restaurants outside, we finally got a good coffee spot (Back Coffee and More), there’s a cinema, a huge Migros with everything you can imagine, a gym, Mango, Zara, H&M, Zara Home, Starbucks and many more stores. Within a driving distance of 15 minutes there’s Mall of Istanbul, which is way bigger and offers much more choice.


It got easier every day and now I’m doing fine. I still miss Holland and my family so much, but there’s nothing I can do change this, except for trying to deal with it. I started working recently and I have some routine in my life now. I’m still trying to find a balance between cooking, working, cleaning the house and my social activities. I realised I need a cleaning woman once in a week, so I can concentrate on other things more. The weekends are mostly to relax and enjoy. I’m trying to avoid cleaning on a sunday, because it’s Uğurcans only day off and I want to spend it on more relaxing things.

The house is as good as finished. We got bars around the balcony, which is necessary in Istanbul if you’re living in a lower floor. I hated the idea of bars, but we have chosen for a type which opens to both sides, so it doesn’t feel like I’m in jail. We had some things missing in the kitchen like a turkish coffee maker, a tea machine and many more things I never thought I would need them, but I think we got everything by now. Next big project will be the guest room and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

To keep it positive; unless feeling home sick and missing everything in Holland so much, I have never regret my choice so far. Uğurcan is the best thing that has happened to me years ago and everyday I’m so thankful I married him. I absolutely believe I found my soulmate in him and I’m enjoying every moment together ♥

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