All-time favorite hotspots in Istanbul – Part II

It’s been a while since I started living here in Istanbul and I think I have collected some really nice spots I can share with you. Some of them I already knew before and some of them are recently tried out and loved by me. In an earlier blog I shared Part I of my all time favorite hotspots. You can check it here: Click. 
Below you can read part II of my hotspots in Istanbul. I only share places I can recommend from the heart. You won’t be dissapointed.

Bazlama Çeşme Kahvaltı
I’ve been here before and I don’t know why I haven’t shared this place earlier. The breakfast is SO good. It’s situated around Teşvikiye (5 minutes walking distance from City’s Nişantaşı) and the opening times are from 09:00 – 17:00h . You can’t make a reservation, so the only thing you can do is join the waiting line. If you have the chance, please go during weekdays to avoid the waiting line. It used to be a really small place, but now they have added the hotel rooms next door to their restaurant. The last time we went here (on a Sunday), we waited in line for an HOUR. You can write down your name on the waiting list, take a walk or drink some coffee and return in line again later.
Breakfast costs 55 TL / person, which is not expensive for a good breakfast. Bazlama Çeşme Kahvaltı offers you a lot of home made (organic) marmelades, pişi, gözleme, bazlama, menemen, fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, nuts and so much more. It’s unlimited, so they constantly add new food to your table. For me it’s the best breakfast I have ever had outside. We usually don’t go out for breakfast often, cause the quality of breakfast at home is much higher than outside. But for this place we can always make an exception.
Zula Istanbul
My husband is a big fan of good burgers, so I try to find some new places once in a while. I recently read about two really good burger spots and we decided to try them out. One of them is Zula, a project of two famous chefs from Istanbul. Zula is situated around Harbiye in a small street. You can easily walk to Zula from Teşvikiye (City’s Teşvikiye) within 10 minutes. Or park your car somewhere in these small streets (it’s possible). Like all other good food spots, you will have to wait in line. It sounds cliche, but it’s totally worth the waiting. The menu offers burgers, hot dogs, taco’s and french fries with truffle mayonnaise. I only tasted the burger (Edizione) and it tasted so good! It contains bacon, truffle sauce, cheddar and caramelised onions. The bread is soft and so is the meat. My husband also tried out the hot dog and he is a big fan. Prices are low thanks to the B-location.
Akali Istanbul
Our second favorite burger spot and my personal first favorite burger spot. I’m not overreacting when I say both of these burger spots are better than Nusret burger, it really is! I loved the softness of the meat. It was just like it melted in my mouth. 80 grams of meat is perfect for my fellow females, try the 160 or 240 grams when you’re a big meat lover. The first time we tried to eat here, we came by car. We drove circles in the neighbourhood to find a parking spot and we couldn’t find any. It was really frustrating and after half an hour driving around we decided to turn back and drove to City’s Teşvikiye. We parked the car here and walked 15 minutes to Akali (Maçka, Beşiktaş). Don’t make the same mistake and take a cab or park your car at City’s. Be prepared for a waiting line. Good food doesn’t come easy 😉 Even during winter people are sitting outside for their burger, cause it’s so good! They have truffle sauce and avocado sauce, you can choose for extra cheddar, bacon, caramelised onions, blue cheese, eggs and so much more. Even thinking about it makes me hungry!
Akali 1
Karabatak Karaköy
Another place I’ve been visiting for years. Situated in one of my favorite neighbourhoods, Karaköy. This place is always crowded, but they take reservations. The tables outside are very popular and it’s hard to find a seat during sunny days. If you want to sit outside in the weekend, don’t forget to make a reservation. Karabatak has a vintage kind of look. The coffee is from Julius Meinl and I can recommend the cappuccino. They also have a pretty upstairs, but it’s not always opened. Personally, I think this is the best spot around Karaköy. It’s in the middle of the popular streets in Kataköy. I always start here with my tour and end at the other side of Karaköy.
Cooklife Balat
Another different neighbourhood and another different place. I love this neighbourhood, cause it’s authentic and colourful. But my husband hates it. Sometimes he’s willing to come with me, but only because because he’s scared I will get robbed or beaten up in this neighbourhood. I don’t think anything will happen to me here 🙂 My favourite place in this neighbourhood is Cooklife Balat. I came here twice and it’s been a while since the last time. But I’m sure nothing has changed and it’s just as good as I remember. I’ve had coffee here and pancakes with marble syrup, which I can recommend both. Cooklife Balat has a vintage look, it’s a small and warm place. You can sit outside and inside.
Cooklife 1
I have so many more places I love, but I had to make a selection to share with you. Some other places I love are more common, but I will be happy to share these places with you too. See you at my next blog!

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