Istanbul 6 months update!

Can’t believe it’s already been six(!) months here in Istanbul. Six and a half to be exact. Overall I’m doing fine. I’m used to my work, home, neighbourhood, colleagues and life in general here. Below I will share some of the things that are going on in my life and how I’m doing with it.


This is probably my biggest frustration. I don’t like cleaning, but I do love a clean house. I had a cleaning lady for a few weeks, but she quit me by sending me a Whatsapp message 😦 I was so angry and dissapointed. After she left me I’ve been doing most of the work myself, but against my will ofcourse. To vacuum and to mop isn’t the problem, but I HATE to iron and I don’t like cleaning my windows. Not even to mention that it’s too hot to clean and to iron.

Uğurcan is not a hero too when it comes to cleaning. He usually does the simple things at home and our balcony. But surprise surprise; I finally found another cleaning lady! She started two weeks ago and she’s coming every saturday from now on. She does everything! She’s cleaning my windows, she irons, she does the bathroom, kitchen and our balcony, she vacuums, she scrubs the floors and she’s doing it all while I’m enjoying the poolside. She saved me and I hope she will stay forever! Our house looks so much prettier when it’s clean and neat.


Cooking is another issue. I’m not a star when it comes to cooking. I can make some simple quick things (and it tastes really good), but in general I see cooking as a waste of time. I have some simple recipes and I’m repeating these recipes over and over again. Once in a week I make an oven dish, which is taking a little bit longer. Furthermore I’m not challenging myself to make impressive meals. Cooking and baking will just never be my favourite thing to do.


We’re living in a bright, clean, green neighbourhood. The streets are wide, there are a lot of trees between each apartment and almost every apartment has an own pool. You won’t get bored soon. Now the weather is 30 degrees every day, I’m trying to be outside as much as possible. I love sunbathing and swimming, so every weekend I’m enjoying the poolside. I’m going out for a coffee more times a week. I try to enjoy my balcony as much as possible, but my insect phobia is giving me a hard time. The trees in front of our apartment cause falling insects on our balcony and I’m scared to death of ALL insects. Even butterflies scare the hell out of me! But it’s love at first sight with my balcony and no insect can stand between us!


I think I’m handling my job pretty fine. It’s getting easier every day. I’m starting to understand the sector more and more. I remember how awkward I felt in the beginning when I had to speak on the phone with Turkish people. Talking bussiness Turkish is so different than just gossiping around with a friend. Now my phone rings the whole day and I’m used to talking in Turkish. They still can hear a little bit of an accent, but I think they find it funny. They keep asking me questions about it 🙂 At least it doesn’t feel awkward anymore. I’m still avoiding the warm meal at the office in the afternoon and I’m so glad my colleagues couldn’t persuade me to eat with them. It’s the only way to take care of my weight. I love to go out and eat somewhere once in a week, so I must avoid the warm meal in the afternoon. Otherwise it would be too much. I’m trying to walk for half an hour during lunch break. Most of the time it’s a quick visit to Zara or another store in the shopping mall next to my work.

House and decoration

I think we have completed our house and all the necessary decoration. All the changes now are just for fun. Because I’m bored or I need some new colours around me. Recently the biggest change was our front door. Our door used to be old and totally not safe. It didn’t even close well. I wanted to change it for so long, but I was too lazy to look after a new door. Finally my dad gave it to us as a present. We opted for a dark brown door, but it didn’t fit and we changed it into a white one. And so far no regrets at all. The entrance looks bright and clean. I also made some little changes into our bedroom. I replaced the dark green details for soft pink details. The grey colour is staying, it can go with everything. The bedroom suits summer so much better now.

And finally I ordered a new lamp for our kitchen. It’s in the making right now and I hope it will be ready next week. I love our kitchen, but the lightning is just too small for the size of the kitchen. It doesn’t come out the way I imagined it to be. So I can’t wait for our new lightning.

I love our house 🙂 It’s relaxed, peacefull and I really feel comfortable at home. It’s such a welcome home coming every day. It’s cool in summer and warm in winter. The bathroom is serene and pretty. The kitchen has a lot of space and so easy in use. My only complaint is the fight for who can lay on the sofa. And most of the time he wins 😦

Overall, I still miss Holland and the Dutch down to earth mentality. People in the Netherlands are so much more relaxed and open. Turkish people are hot-tempered and tend to be angry really soon. Besides that I miss my family a lot. There are times I really do feel lonely here. But I’m trying to stay positive and to look at the bright side of everything. The missing and the homesickness will always remain and I should get used to this and accept that it’s ok to feel bad sometimes. Some periods are just harder than others. But sunshine makes everything easier, I’m waking up happy and I have so much more energy. And after all, it’s just a 3 hours flight. Holland is not the other side of the world 🙂

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