Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Kudret and I’m born and raised in Kampen, the Netherlands.

October 2016 I got engaged, after a long distance relationship of 4 years. January 2017 we bought a little apartment in Istanbul in and we’ve been renovating it since then. I got married August 2017 and moved to Istanbul on the 25th of December.

I started working half January at Uzaklar International Logistics here in Istanbul. When I’m not working; I work out, I love to travel and shop and I’m a big coffee lover.

Since the moment we bought our house, I’ve been sharing photographs about the renovation, interior, decoration and me moving to Istanbul on Instagram. I got a lot of questions about my house and about living in another country. I noticed that there’s not always enough space on Instagram to share my thoughts or give any detailed information. So the idea for a blog came up.

I hope I can inspire others who are moving, getting married, renovating of decorating a home. Feel free to ask me anything or to share your thoughts with me.