Project: Bathroom

One of the most difficult rooms to decorate was our bathroom. We had two bathrooms when we bought the apartment. A really small one, right next to the front door, with only a toilet, space for the washing machine and a sink. It was dirty, old and dark. I hated it at first sight.

We decided to cancel this small bathroom and make a little wardrobe / laundry room of it. We made shelves from the top down for our shoes. We hang up hooks for our coats. We placed the washing machine on the same place, cancelled the toilet and replaced all the broken tiles. Continue reading

New York, New York

Since the engagement we talked a lot about our honeymoon destination. We had so many options of beach resorts with spa’s and a lot of food.

Both of us weren’t happy about the choices we had. We usually don’t hang out at the hotels we’re staying, but cruising around from beachclub to coffee spot to restaurant. Staying on a resort where we’re forced to hang out all day and where we can eat all day is not quite our favourite thing to do.

Why not New York I said and Ugurcan immediately agreed. We booked our ticket and we started planning. I never been there before, but my friends went to NYC several times and they gave me a lot of usefull tips. I will not waste your time with touristic highlights. You can find them all over the internet, but I will share all the other hotspots we visited. Continue reading

How it all started

It all started almost five years ago, when my husband (Ugurcan) and I started dating. Summer 2016 he asked me to marry him and October 2016 we got engaged. During these five years we talked a lot about where to live. Some circumstances forced us to plan our future in Istanbul, so we bought a little apartment in January 2017 on the European side. Continue reading